James McGarvey began his pursuit of music at the age of eight, with his study of the trumpet (because his parents thought drums were too loud). His appreciation of the intricacies of melodies and harmonies developed as he became interested in new-age jazz and fusion, such as Chris Botti and Tiger Okoshi. James quickly found his head full of lyrics which were clamoring to be set to music. When his parents said no to the electric guitar (again, too loud), James picked up an acoustic and taught himself to play so he could write.

As James continued writing music, he was influenced by the likes of Duncan Sheik, Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, and John Mayer. James has continued his lifelong exploration of music through participation in choirs, musical theater, and collaborations with other artists. His heavy guitar attack and passionate vocals make for a unique sound; part folk, part rock, and all soul.