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Happy Holidays, all!

We had a nice chill day yesterday, complete with a kick-ass dinner that my father-in-law and I made (ok, really he did most of the work, but I made a really, really good ham). Also got to Skype with my parents so they could see the boy open his presents.

It’s been a quiet season, but I’m spending a lot of time practicing, learning new tunes, and writing a lot.

Maggie and I are getting ready for the arrival of our baby girl, she’s due on March 15, though my dad says he thinks our little Irish kiddo will be here on St. Patrick’s day.

We’re also planning our eventual cross-country road trip to sunny California! At this point (unless the house sells fast) we’re not going to leave until after the baby arrives, But that means even more time to plan for an epic journey! We want to stop at a ton of cool places along the way, including the birthplace of the Dave Matthews Band in Charlottesville, Virginia.

So, two things I need from you all; first – suggestions of new tunes to learn; second – suggestions of places to visit on the way from New England to SoCal!

Big news!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t been sharing a lot of info about the upcoming tour and our trip across the country. Rest assured, that’s all still happening, but there’s been a big development which will be changing our game plan for the trip.

I am so pleased and proud to announce that Maggie and I are expecting our second child!

Maggie’s doing great, and everything looks like it should (seriously, there’s nothing like hearing the sound of your baby’s heartbeat for the first time) and we’re totally over the moon.

We’re still planning our trek across the country, but need to do A LOT more planning to make sure everything is safe for Maggie and the newest member of our family.

Stay tuned for updates, and as always, thanks for your love & support!

Getting Ducks in a Row

We’re officially in the planning/booking stage of the upcoming tour, trying to figure out our official path across the country, where we’ll stop so I can play, to do some good, or just to get a good stretch before piling back into the car (or whatever vehicle we end up using) and hitting the road again.

I would seriously love nothing more than for it to take us months to get all the way to California because I’ve got so many places to entertain.

*note to my wonderful duck-herding wife: we’re going to need a lot of strings and picks for the road. Probably a few capos too, oh, and batteries”

If you my loyal fans/friends have any ideas or requests for places we should stop on the way, let me know; this is a great chance for me to swing out to play somewhere near where you are, instead of making you come out to me. Also, if you’re interested in hosting a living room show, I would definitely love to make that happen, so get at me!

As always, thank you so much for the love and support!


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